Welcome Team

We would love for you to join us!

The Welcome Team is a fun and great way to serve at the church. 

First time visitors typically decide in the first 11 minutes whether they will likely return. So we want to equip and “station” members at important check-points each Sunday to Welcome Everyone. We’ll help you with things like greetings, giving directions, and providing guidance and information to guests so they get a true impression of our community of love. 


What's Your Welcome?

Door Greeter

Greet people in the lobby as they arrive. Open the door for those that need assistance, welcoming each person, identify newcomers, ask their names, quickly answer their questions, and introduce them to an usher. Assist people when necessary. Only one greeter is needed each week, but families can greet together.


Greet everyone and distribute bulletins as people enter the sanctuary. Help seat people and direct them to the Kid's Corner as needed. Make people feel comfortable and welcome. Collect written prayer requests from the congregation, and give them to the designated prayer person. Direct people from their seats for communion. Take attendance. Collect the clipboards, prayer requests and attendance sheets at the end of the service. Two ushers are needed, the responsibilities are shared.  


Communion Server

Help serve communion - each person holds one element during communion. 5 volunteers are needed each Sunday to serve communion.

Communion Steward

Purchase fresh communion elements for each Sunday. Prepare the bread and cups, gluten-free bread, put on the altar and cover. After the service, collect the remaining elements and clean the dishes. *elements are paid for with church funds.


Make coffee and set up coffee, hot water, and condiments to be ready for the Sunday School hour.

Coffee will need be ready by 8:55am for Sunday School.


Pick up donuts and plate them to be ready for the Sunday School hour. *donuts are paid for with church funds. Donuts are ready for pick up by 8:30am at Donuts Plus (14740 NW Cornell Rd #100, Portland, OR 97229) and need to be plated by 8:55am for Sunday School.

Clean Up

After the service, clean up the coffee and donut area. Dump out the coffee, run the mugs through the dishwasher, put away the condiments, cover the donuts.