We believe that lives transformed by Christ

result in a transformed world. 

Christ UMC began this mission back in early 2018. It started off as a dream that the church had for a couple decades.  For years the church hosted affordable housing in the form of two single family homes on the site where The Opal now stands. 

In August 2019 Christ UMC became a member the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN), an organization that envisions a transformed Church that ensures justice, equity, and dignity for all of God’s children. And during this time Portland was going through an affordable housing crisis (still 20% higher than the national average).  The most vulnerable are LGBTQ+ seniors, who often are forced to go back into the closet to even request access to housing.  

With a handful of dreamers, the commitment of leadership at Christ UMC, partnerships with Home First and Friendly House, and with Metro bonds the dream became our mission and now is a reality. The Opal is now open. 

"It's the very first LGBTQ affordable housing

project in the state of Oregon." 

– Max Micozzi, project manager at Friendly House



intentionally lgbtq friendly

LGBT Older Adults are . . .

  • twice as likely to be single
  • 3-4 times less likely to have children
  • frequently estranged from families of origin
  • report to have experienced discrimination in housing (48%)
  • fear the need to "re-closet" in senior living communities (34%)*

Christ UMC partnered with Friendly House to create services and a community that is safe, especially for those who have been historically discriminated based on sexuality, gender identity, and race. 

OUR partners

We could not do this alone, and we would not dare. We've joined hands with organizations and agencies to ensure the greatest good possible. Thank you for partnering with us. 


Home First Development is a mission focused affordable housing development agency, bringing over 20 years experience, having built over 500 units across Oregon and SW Washington. They currently have over 200 units under construction. 

Home First Development


Friendly House, a non-profit social service organization and community center, has been serving older adults in the Portland area since 1930. 

Friendly House


  • CHRIST UMC (Sponsor/Executive Director/Owner)
  • WASH. COUNTY (Metro Bond Grant for Affordable Housing)
  • KEY BANK (Loan Financing) 


  • Dept. of Health and Human Services, Wash. County
  • Columbia District, United Methodist Church

Portsmouth Union Church

Leaven COMM. Land & Housing Coalition