Lenten Mission Focus

Refugee Kits

during lent 2022

ECUMENICAL Ministries of Oregon estimates that over 1,400 refugees will settle in Portland in 2022

This Lenten season we will be building refugee restart kits for new refugees moving into our area.  The EMO-SOAR (Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees) estimates that 1,400 Afghan refuges as well as additional people from Africa, Latin America and Syria will resettle in the Portland area in 2022.  These people arrive with basically their suitcases and setting up a new household from scratch is a daunting and expensive endeavor. 


To build a kit, purchase new items on the list below for the kit you select and place them in a clear plastic tub with a lid.  If you like, you can add an unsealed handwritten welcome note to the tub.  We can also accept individual items from the kits

Another way to assist is to sponsor a kit or a portion of one and we will buy the materials needed and assemble it.

Bring finished kits to the church, drop it off and we will handle it from there!   We will collect kits through Easter April 17, 2022. Thank you for being a world-changer for families in need!

If you have any questions contact Shirley Hoffman

Kit Items needed

Most refugees arrive to the United States with few possessions, and you can help them rebuild their lives by building a Restart Kit. 

Welcome Kit- $140

- Teapot and tea

- Oregon calendar

- Map of Portland area

- Scented jar candle with lighter

- Blanket

- “Welcome” doormat

- Notebook and pens

- Chocolate

- Umbrella

- Soccer ball

Kitchen Kit- $160

- Mixing bowls (2-3) 

- Plastic tupperware or storage containers

- Frying pan

- Small pot with lid, large pot with lid

- Baking dish (glass or ceramic) 

- Cutting board

- Large carving knife, smaller paring knife

- Spatula

- Can opener

In addition to the kits, EMOC-SOAR is also requesting these individual items:

Electric kettles (to heat water)

Electric skillets

New or gently used winter coats and jackets

Laptops (2017 or newer) in good repair and with decent battery)

Cell phones (IPhone 7 or higher, Samsung or Google no older than five years old) in good repair and with decent battery)

Tablets (2017 or newer in good repair and with decent battery)

All electronics will be factory reset

Gift card to Target or Winco