Prayers for the week of Sept 6, 2021

Gathering the prayers of the people is one of the privileges and duties of the community! We invite you to pray for these this week!

You can add your prayers to the "Prayer Wall" below. 

God bless you and know that we pray for you! 


Cheryl Rose- Grateful for a first full week of school- healthy and happy

Clementine- Thankful our school did have to close

Debra Seifert- Tsuzuki is getting better each day

David Noyes- Thankful for friends

Judy Noyes- Thankful for pets


Kathy Stampley- Auntie Em, Sue Emerson, Chloe, Afghanistan, Wildfires

Ray and Carol Radcliffe- Carol's brother James' in a nursing home with hospice care. Alzheimer's/Pneumonia also has other health issues

Shirley- for my brother Don who is struggling with worsening diabetes

Debra Seifert- that my cracked rib heals quickly so I can swim again

Judy Noyes- Work stress

Prayer Wall


Please pray for our foster daughter, Bridgette Bell and their children and extended families of Meridian, ID. Her husband Derrick died this week.


Prayers for our church community. We get to worship in church today! What a blessing.


Prayers up for my Kathy. She is tired from MS, Parkinson's, Diabetes.


Adan is doing a bit better, planning for the future. Thank you for your prayers JD continues to grapple with life as it is as an insecure 17 y. o.


Let's Pray. Let us pray for the sick and Suffering today and remember The happiness and joy we shared every day And with a smile on our faces and the happiness We shared inside our heart's will forever live on And with the Lord Jesus Christ by our Side we'll live in peace and perfect harmony Forever you and me loving the Lord Jesus Christ Every day in our lives and may your joy shine through me and I come before you O Lord Jesus Christ and You lead us to enjoy the beauty of peace And your love in your creation of life And you fill my heart with so much Happiness and delight and I'm full of love for you in life And the peace and love you bring me every day And it's so beautiful to see the Lord Jesus Christ in my life And in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I'll always love you And you lead me to your eternal glory Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let Us pray for you