Prayers for the week of Jan 16, 2022

Gathering the prayers of the people is one of the privileges and duties of the community! We invite you to pray for these this week!

You can add your prayers to the "Prayer Wall" below. 

God bless you and know that we pray for you!

We Give Thanks

For our health care workers

For the break from the rain

For our tech crew

For our first responders

For gathering weekly together

Lewis: I like my new LEGO

Owen: Cats

Delight S– Praise that Ian's positive covid case has been mainly asymptomatic and didn't spread to the rest of the house.

An opportunity to get together with my daughter and a couple of friends for quilting

Lord, Have Mercy

Comfort for those dealing with Chronic Illness

Clarity for those dealing with mental illness

For Aunt Emily

For Kathy S

For children

For those who grieve the loss of a family member to death

For the people of Tonga following the volcanic eruption and tsunami

Ella: I hope my cat will feel better

Quinnlyn: Please help homeless snow leopards, save them from extinction

Clementine: I need help with a friendship issue at school

Karen C: I want to request prayer for our family as we have decided to postpone Glen's celebration of life on Jan. 29 to later in the spring due to Covid.

Alicia B – Asking for prayers for my cousin, Rod Stafford, who has been diagnosed with cancer. This is hitting my family very hard.

Delight: Continued prayers for Jim P.. he had a visit to the ER this last week.

Karen K – Prayers for those on the east coast going through the snow and ice in Winter Storm Izzy.

Asking for prayers for teachers and students worldwide. Omicron is making education very stressful and difficult.

Sarah K – Prayers for a safe travel trip to Washington DC for my husband and youngest daughter Caitlin next weekend. Prayers for my youngest sister who is battling a cold.

Cheri and Bob S – wishes that our neighbor of 30 years in California rests in peace; prayers for his family

Judy N– Training in New job is like boot camp. 9 months total Started Nov 1. Need some prayers , I can do it

..also the care facilities are really suffering. Staff and residents with LOTS of Covid. They need grace and prayer

Emily – prayer for my grandfather, who is having trouble recovering from a fall and now also has covid.

Elizabeth J – Prayers to my dad who passed away at this time last year

Prayer Wall


For my brother in law, Bill, and his family. Today Bill is having an ultrasound biopsy to stage his pancreatic cancer. Please lift up Bill and his family


For my 8 year old granddaughter, Lynnea, who is seeing a specialist at Stanford Medical Hospital tomorrow about her continuing seizures. Prayers for answers and solutions that will work for her.


Please pray for Glen Campbell. He had a downturn tonight and can use as many as we can send his way.


For Eric’s Uncle, Gary McKinnstry who is at Meridian Park Hospital with an abdominal tumor and Kidney failure. Prayers for Eric as well who is having to make so many decisions on Gary’s behalf.


Prayers for my dad Glen Campbell as he goes in for a tumor biopsy in his brain tomorrow. He is very anxious. He is at St. V’s.

Let Us pray for you