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Adan is doing a bit better, planning for the future. Thank you for your prayers JD continues to grapple with life as it is as an insecure 17 y. o.


Let's Pray. Let us pray for the sick and Suffering today and remember The happiness and joy we shared every day And with a smile on our faces and the happiness We shared inside our heart's will forever live on And with the Lord Jesus Christ by our Side we'll live in peace and perfect harmony Forever you and me loving the Lord Jesus Christ Every day in our lives and may your joy shine through me and I come before you O Lord Jesus Christ and You lead us to enjoy the beauty of peace And your love in your creation of life And you fill my heart with so much Happiness and delight and I'm full of love for you in life And the peace and love you bring me every day And it's so beautiful to see the Lord Jesus Christ in my life And in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I'll always love you And you lead me to your eternal glory Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Please pray for our grandsons, Adan and JD who are struggling mentally & emotionally with their situations. TY


My family and I have been truly blessed and are thankful for all God has given us. My daughter is currently employed, very thankful for that; however, the job causes her extreme anxiety, totally consumes her life and is just making her and her family absolutely miserable. She is going through the interview process for a job she feels would be a good fit for her and be more in line with her beliefs and moral compass. I feel a bit uneasy requesting prayer for this issue as it seems petty compared to all the major problems folks are dealing with - health, finances, loss, but watching my daughter and her family suffer from the stress her job causes is more than I can bare. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank you!


Kathy Woods asks for prayers for her next week as she is having a test done on the 26th

Let Us pray for you