Prayers for the week of June 19th, 2022

Gathering the prayers of the people is one of the privileges and duties of the community! We invite you to pray for these this week!

You can add your prayers to the "Prayer Wall" below. 

We Give Thanks

Q- I love food!!!

Siena- for my cats

Eleanor- for her family

The rain that keeps everything green and gets us out of a drought

For all those who step up to help with worship leadership

We are grateful for the wealth of wisdom and grace from our “retired” pastors and their gifts to us

Karen K is grateful for a wonderful visit with Kay and Paulianne

For teachers

A big welcome to our guest pastor and to our upcoming new Pastor Paul

Lord, Have Mercy

Siena- for my cat with heart disease

For Eleanor to live 505 years or longer and wings of fire

Stone- to save all the animals

For those suffering from Covid

Churches preparing for a change of pastoral leadership

For those who will be attending Annual Conference this week and for the work of the conference

Shirley H for my friends Gina, Rob and Lucas as they struggle through family issues

For traveling mercies for the Perdues family the next 2 weeks and others enjoying summer holidays

For Larry H & his family as he battles cancer

Prayer Wall


Please pray for Brynna. She tested positive for covid on Tuesday. Because she lives in the OSU dorms, OSU sent her to a hotel for 5 days of isolation. They leave her food, once a day outside her door. There is no one checking in on her, she is not allowed to have any visitors. She is starting to feel worse as the week progresses, with many dizzy spells. She is missing her grandmothers memorial service and trying to get ready for finals and graduation. Thank you so very much!


We ask prayers for Tom's family. His step-mom Sally has just gone on Hospice. Prayers for her comfort, peace and care and for unity and calm of the family.


Please pray for Menoly Kauffman as she completes her doctoral disirtation.


Prayers for Karen K. Continued and increasing solar flares this week are causing Porphyria [hereditary disease] reactions. Walking is very shaky and sleeping about 17 hours a days doesn't leave much time for accomplishing much. Very thankful I am retired and my husband, George, is here to give lots of support.


Husband Lee has been placed in hospice with comfort care. Family is gathering. Dottie is part of Ric's morning devotion group, and asked that I contact you. Roz Collins

Let Us pray for you