Prayers for the week of  September 26th, 2022

Gathering the prayers of the people is one of the privileges and duties of the community! We invite you to pray for these this week!

You can add your prayers to the "Prayer Wall" below

We Give Thanks
For crisp fall mornings

For our homes

For new beginnings

For new found happiness and excitement

George and Karen K – thank you Lord for getting them back home safely after their challenging vacation adventure

Lord, Have Mercy

For Kathryn M  who is having a heart procedure on Tuesday @ 3 to get her heart rhythm to normal. Also,a look at the mitral valve via esophagus. Prayers for comfort and peace for Dan, Kathryn and the family.

For Susan S who contracted Covid during her pregnancy.  Prayers for her and her baby.

For the people of Alaska, Puerto Rico, Florida, Prince Edward Island and those that are affected by weather disasters

For the planning process for Jurisdictional Conference and those that are candidates for bishop

For Maybelle F’s Daughter in law Mary who had shoulder replacement

For Jim T for a successful heart valve surgery on Wednesday

For Liz J sister

For the families of the two cousins killed in the horrendous accident on 185th this past week

Alicia B – that all goes well with shoulder replacement surgery on October 3

Shawn and Kathy S - Prayers up for Kathy. She is tired.

Sarah K – Prayers for me as I transition back to subbing after wearing an elementary music teacher hat for awhile. Praises for all the amazing teachers and staff in our schools!

Prayer Wall


I’ll be having a cardioversion on 9/27, 3 PM @ St. Vincent’s. Prayer requested for doctors’ skill and all to go well. Comfort & peace for Dan and me and our family.


Carol's brother Ben, passed away last night, please keep her, and his family in your prayers.


Please pray for my brother, the chemo has caused him to have seizures. He is in the hospital and they are running tests.


Please pray for Brynna. She tested positive for covid on Tuesday. Because she lives in the OSU dorms, OSU sent her to a hotel for 5 days of isolation. They leave her food, once a day outside her door. There is no one checking in on her, she is not allowed to have any visitors. She is starting to feel worse as the week progresses, with many dizzy spells. She is missing her grandmothers memorial service and trying to get ready for finals and graduation. Thank you so very much!


We ask prayers for Tom's family. His step-mom Sally has just gone on Hospice. Prayers for her comfort, peace and care and for unity and calm of the family.

Let Us pray for you