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"Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you rise." - Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Taking time to pray and meditate on the Scriptures daily is vital to spiritual health! The Grow • Pray • Study (GPS) guide is one way to stay in Scripture -and follow along with the weekly messages.

Grow • Pray • Study Guide

4/19/21 - 4/24/21, Christ UMC

MON 4/19/21: 1 John 3:13-24, What love is  

John does an interesting thing here. In verse 14, John sets up love as the opposite force to death, not “life” as we might expect. If love is the force that defeats death, then what is love? Just this:  Christ died for us. For John, laying down our lives for each other is the kind of love that overcomes death. Wow. Sacrificial love overcomes death. Is this true? What does this mean for us today? 

TUE 4/20/21: Luke 4:31-44, Healing and popularity

Jesus has announced his mission: to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Now, we see him demonstrate it through healing and casting out demons. Christians have interpreted demons in many ways throughout the centuries. Whatever they are, they seem to make people suffer against their wills. And whatever they are, Jesus is mighty enough to end their grip and set people free.  What haunts you? What makes you suffer? Jesus is able to cast it out. Trust in Christ.  

WED 4/21/21: Psalm 23, The LORD is my shepherd

This beloved psalm begins with God’s name (anytime “LORD” is read in all caps, it is substituting the unspeakable name of God:  YHWH). God’s name is a description of how vast and beyond our knowledge God is. This beyond-knowledge God is as close to us as a shepherd, says the psalm. Even though God is beyond comprehension, God is close to us, caring for us, guiding us. We truly having nothing to fear. 


THU 4/22/21: Judges 8:22-35, Gideon’s request

Gideon, unlike Deborah and the previous judges, acts out in two disturbing ways. First, in 8:1-21, he retaliates against ridicule with public humiliation and execution. Second, Gideon requests gold from the people and fashions a vest to be displayed in his hometown. Notice the allusion to golden calf of Aaron? Unsettling patterns are emerging for the people. What will break these cycles in Israel’s history?  

FRI 4/23/21: 2 Corinthians 13:1-13, We are weak, Christ is in us

Paul closes the letter with the appeal to judge ourselves. Paul is under scrutiny as a leader and has chosen to boast about his weaknesses rather than his accomplishments. In the same way, Paul asks the Corinthians to consider their weakness and know that it is Christ in them that establishes them. 

SAT 4/24/21: John 10:1-21, The Good Shepherd & abundant life

Jesus didn’t come to steal or destroy, but to give abundant life!  He’s the Good Shepherd! Notice that the sheep are not labeled good or bad. They are not given quality. Only the goodness of the Shepherd is named. We are just sheep, however we are, and our life and salvation isn’t depended on our goodness, but on his. Join us in worship, online at 10:30 am, you matter to God!