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Here are the Scriptures for this week:

MON 9/20/21: Luke 12:35-44, Being ready for the transformation of the world

In the previous section, Jesus prescribes generosity and desiring God’s kingdom to our anxieties. In this parable, we are told to be ready for that kingdom. It may come as a master returning from a party, or it may come as a thief. The way we perceive the kingdom is determined by our hearts ready for that world change. Is God’s kingdom merely a future instant moment we’re waiting for? Or is God working even now to bring about the kingdom? How are we prepared? 

TUE 9/21/21: Luke 12:49-59, Christ is the crisis of the world

Well, this seems uncharacteristic of Jesus. Does Jesus mean to say he’s come to bring destruction and ruin families? I do not think so. Instead, Jesus is pointing to an event that will be the crisis point for all the world, and there will be fighting at all levels, even among families. Christ is looking onward to his “baptism,” which is his sacrifice and crucifixion. This event will change everything, and the world will be shaken. Our call is to perceive the crisis of the cross and align our lives to Christ’s kingdom immediately.

WED 9/22/21: Psalm 124, Thank goodness the Lord is our help!

Psalm 124 is included in the “songs of ascent,” short songs likely sung on the uphill journey to Jerusalem for festivals. Here we have an inverse look at God’s help: what could have happened if God wasn’t with us. While it’s not good to dwell on all the negative “what ifs," it’s necessary to pause and recognize how fragile our lives are, and how close to disaster any of us could be. 

THU 9/23/21: 2 Samuel 18:1-33, The death of a son

Prince Absalom has taken Jerusalem. His father, King David, has retreated. In the wilderness, David gathers his loyalists for the final battle against his son. David has a request: “Protect my boy, Absalom.” Absalom has more than made himself David’s enemy, yet David still sees him as his boy. How do you see David’s love as a illustration of God’s love for us? What do you take away from the drama of David and Absalom?

FRI 9/24/21: 1 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5, God’s message and hardships

In this passage, Paul gives thanks for several things: the Thessalonians accepted the message as God’s message, it continues to shape them, and they reflect the work and suffering of the churches and of Christ. Even as Paul continues to suffer persecution, he can rejoice because of the faithfulness and good work being produced by the Thessalonians. Though Paul is away from them, he cheers them on, and is cheered by their work. Who in your life, near or far, cheers you on in your faith?

SAT 9/25/21: 1 John 3:18-24, To Err is Human, to Forgive: Canine

When our action cause harm to a relationship, how can we regain peace and assurance that the relationship is mended? One of the anxieties we often face is the shame we feel for our failures and misdeeds. How can God really forgive us, when our own hearts condemn us? Perhaps when we are the hardest on ourselves, our faithful pets can help shed some light on the love of God for us. Join us in person at 9 am or 10:30 am, or online at 10:30 am. You matter to God.