Morning Devotions

Every morning at 8:00 am, Monday through Friday, join us right here or on Facebook, for Scriptures and prayer from Pastor Ric's backyard. Above is today's video devotion! 

Here are the Scriptures for this week:

MON 5/23/22: Romans 12:1-17, Our bodies as One living sacrifice

For Paul, the result of God’s work in Christ is a transformed community. This is the “so what” part of his argument. We are called to be a unified body, that lives sacrificially for the benefit of the world. First, Paul speaks in metaphors about “living sacrifice” and “many parts in one body,” but then he speaks plainly about what this looks like: giving to those in need, showing hospitality to strangers, and loving your enemies. This is the living sacrifice that changes the world. 

TUE 5/24/22: Act 3:1-26, The work of the church

After getting a general view of what church life was like, Luke, the author of Acts, gives a particular episode of the church at work. There’s a union of social action (healing the paralytic) and Gospel proclamation (Peter preaching). In the early church, these two activities were never separated. What in this reading stands out to you? Notice the parallels between the acts of the Peter and John and the acts of Jesus.

WED 5/25/22: Psalm 97, Mountains melt like wax

This psalm helps us imagine the power of God. The strongest objects on earth, mountains, melt in God’s presence. A terrible image, indeed! God is stronger than our wildest imaginations, and this should raise up fear in our hearts. However, the response to such an awesome image is not fear but rejoicing. We rejoice because this Ultimate Power loves us. God guides us as a shepherd. We are loved! Rejoice!

THU 5/26/22: Nehemiah 13:15-31, Nehemiah condemns sin

Nehemiah has successfully led the people in rebuilding Jerusalem. They have reestablished worship and festivals, and they have begun to repopulate the city. The book ends with Nehemiah witnessing sin that got Israel into exile in the first place. He sees that they are not obeying the Sabbath and marrying foreign women. Nehemiah is a far cry from being a Pharisee, but we certainly notice the beginnings of Pharisaic emphasis on Sabbath and ethnic purity. How do we confront sin, today, without becoming legalistic?

FRI 5/27/22: Hebrews 11:23-12:1-2, The Hall of Faith, part 2

We continue naming those that were faithful to God in the past. They hoped and worked for a time when God would come and Reign in all things, making all things right, establishing justice. However, they never got to see God come in Jesus. We have. We have seen and heard God’s coming in Christ to establish justice in the world. Now, we are called to continue their work in the world. We are called to run the race. What does that mean for you? How do we participate with God in God’s work in the world?

SAT 5/28/22: Acts 1:1-11, Up in a cloud . . .

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday. We celebrate Jesus going to heaven, but why? It seems odd doesn’t? What is the good news of Jesus’ ascension? How is the world different now that Jesus is ascended? Join us in worship as we celebrate the Christ who is now available to us in all places and times! Join us in worship at 9 and 10:30 am, and online at 10:30 am. You matter to God!