Daily Devotions

The living core of the Christian faith is revealed in Scripture, illuminated by the community, brought to life by our experiences, and confirmed by reason. As Methodists, we are constantly in the Bible, allowing the Spirit to speak to us in fresh ways, giving us insight, encouragement, and strength today. Below is a schedule of daily readings to help you stay in the Scriptures daily. This schedule is designed to hear from wide variety in Scripture, to help us gain "the scope of Scripture," so that we can interpret each part in light of the overarching narrative of what God's love and hope is doing in the world. May the Scriptures nourish you today! 

Here are the Scriptures for this week:

MON 6/13/22: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, The Spirit and Wisdom in creation

There are several traditions concerning the co-creators with God. In Genesis, we see the Spirit of God hovering over the deep potential of what will be creation. Here, wisdom is proclaimed to be the first of creation, and used by God to hold everything together. Spirit and Wisdom have creative power and can be seen in God’s creation. Finally, Christians are bold to proclaim that Christ is the first born of all creation, and that all things came into existence through Christ (Col. 1 & John 1). It is not necessary to attempt to create a harmonized literal story of creation that fits in the Spirit, Wisdom, and Christ, but it is good to see how God employs and works in relationship to create. God still does. 

TUE 6/14/22: Acts 7:51-60, The first martyr

Stephen was one of the 7 chosen to serve the widows, because the apostles were too busy preaching. Interestingly, it’s at this moment, when the apostles delegated away mission work, that they no longer become the focus of the book. Instead we follow Stephen and Philip. Stephen is seized for his preaching, and while under trial, he does not back down from his testimony. He is killed. In his final moments, he repeats the words of his dying savior, and becomes like Christ. The powers of this world do not give way to the mission of God easily. 

WED 6/15/22: Psalm 42, Deep calls out to Deep

As you read this psalm, notice the water imagery: as the deer thirsts, tears that flood, the waves of God. Water is such a powerful image for us. It gives life, it cleanses, it restores. In this psalm, the writer is calling out from the deep flood of tears to the deep waves of God’s restoring power and love. Make this prayer your prayer for the day. Call out to God.

THU 6/16/22: Proverbs 9:1-18, Wisdom’s and Folly’s guests

Wisdom is here again personified as a woman. Folly is also personified as a woman. Wisdom’s advice is to advice the wise. Folly’s advice is to enjoy things in secret. What do these verses reveal about wisdom? How do we go about getting wisdom today? What things in your life sound like Folly’s invitations?

FRI 6/10/22: James 2:1-13, Caring for all

We have a tendency to favor people that can get us favor. In the early church, rising in social status had little to do with work ethic, and everything to do with “who you know.” It would be common for Christians in small house churches to boast about a prominent member of society attending their gathering, and in some cases to the neglect of the poor (1 Cor. 11:21ff). Where are we guilty of favoring the favorable? How can we show better love for all?