Help build hope august 1, 2020

You did it again!

85 volunteers came together (and stayed apart) to build the walls for a family in need. Thank you to everyone who swung a hammer, gave a dollar, or sent up a prayer! Your actions matter to the Scott family. Join us next year as we build another home (or two?)! Here's the video recap:


Framing an entire house in one day

for habitat for humanity

Join us on August 1st as we build all the frame walls for an entire Habitat for Humanity House in one day. 

Organized into teams of 8-10, we’ll hammer together 40-50 frame walls in just a couple of hours, which will be transported to a local foundation for Habitat for Humanity. 

All ages and skill levels welcome! 

All the wood will be precut, so if you can swing a hammer or hold a 2x4 in place, we need you! We even provide the hammer and nails. Children are welcome to work with their families. 

There’s a job for everyone.

“Crew Members” will build on the build day, but we’ll also need volunteers to cut wood on the Friday before, help check people in, and oversee safety and first aid. 


Note - the registration page says June 20th, but the date has been moved to Aug. 1st.

Covid-19 safety plan

Like all things this year, our Help Build Hope project will look different! This project is crucial and will be the difference of a whole year for a family in need of a home. We hope that you plan on joining us on August 1st. Here is what we are doing and asking of you to keep this event as low risk as possible: 

- The entire event will be outdoors (no access to indoor facilities). 

- No food will be served, please bring your own snacks and water. 

- Children 5 and older can participate with their families. No child care will be provided.

- Teams will be 5-8 ppl large, organized in households as much as possible. 

- Teams will be spaced out with 2.5 parking spots (about 450 sq ft). 

- All participants will need to wear face coverings / masks. 

- Participants are encouraged to bring their own hammers. 

- Participants will have their temperatures check at check in. 

- The event will be limited to 100 total participants

Register now! 

Thank you for participating and lowering the risk of infection! If you have any questions, please email the church office at 

Frequently asked questions

Who is leading this project?

Help Build Hope events are organized and ran by Crossroads Missions. Since 1999, Help Build Hope events have produced over 1,000 homes for families in need. Crossroads Missions partners with churches and local Habitat for Humanity organizations. They receive building plans from Habitat for Humanity, break them down into smaller plans, wall by wall, and then lead teams of volunteers to assemble each wall. Crossroads Missions will provide all the tools and a Director on the day of the build to guide our teams. The church needs to only provide volunteers. 

Where is this house going?

The house we build this summer will go to a family in Salem, OR, in the same neighborhood of Courtney and Keri's house, which we built last year. The Salem Habitat for Humanity chapter has been fully cooperative and eager to work with us in getting families into homes! We hope to work closer with Willamette West Habitat and Portland/Metro East Habitat in the future. 

How much the event cost?

The event costs nothing to participate! The church covers the cost of all the lumber,  transportation, and administration through our Christmas Eve offering, fundraisers, and donations. There is no cost to participate! We just want you to come out and hammer some walls together! If you would like, please donate online.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome! We believe that providing affordable housing is an expression of our Christian faith, but that work is not reserved for people who consider themselves Christians! Everyone is welcome. There won't be any bait-and-switch worship services or sermons. We're not trying to proselytize, we just want to build a house for a family in need with you! 

How old do children have to be to participate?

It is entirely up to parents/guardians if their children are able to help on the build day. All of the lumber will be precut, and there will be no power tools used--only hammer and nails. Pastor Ric's daughter has participated in Help Build Hope projects since she was 3.  (There will be no child care offered this year)

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes, work gloves, sunscreen, and friends! Please leave your tools at home. We will provide all the hammers, nails, levels, and markers. (You are encouraged to bring your own hammer this year)

I may not be able to hammer walls together on the ground, are there other ways that I can help?

Yes! We need helpers checking people in. We need First Aid and Safety attendants. We need photographers. We need you!  Contact Wendy Fedderly for more ways that you can get involved. 

Where do I sign up?

Go to to register for the event! Invite your friends and neighbors! 

Other questions? 

Send us an email to the Church Office, and we'll do our best to get all your questions answered! Thank you for changing lives with us!