Worship with us every Sunday

In-Person at 9 am & 10:30 AM

online at 10:30 am

Worship this Sunday, Jan. 9th

In-Person at 9 am & 10:30 AM

Online at 10:30 am

This Sunday, we start a new sermon series that I'm really excited about. We’re calling it “Proof that God Exists (kind of),” and we’ll be looking at the classical arguments for God’s existence, produced by people way smarter than us, and really ask the question, “Why don’t they produce faith?” It’s as if there is something deeper than intellectual argument (while not rejecting the best work of our minds) that’s necessary for us to be drawn into a life a faith. There’s a longing that’s beyond mental exercise. Join us as we begin this series this Sunday Jan. 9th in-person at 9 am and 10:30 am, online at 10:30 am, at Facebook.com/cedarmillchristumc or at live.cedarmillchristumc.org.

worship with us on Sundays:

Our weekly gathering is the touch point for the community of faith, where we are together drawn into God's presence and then sent out in love. We offer services with different music options. Both services have the same message, and communion is open to everyone weekly. See you Sunday!

9:00 am in the Chapel

Piano led music with emphasis on traditional hymns. Weekly communion. 

Nursery available.

10:30 am in the Sanctuary

Contemporary band led music. Weekly communion. 

Children's Ministry and Nursery available.

10:30 am Live Online

The 10:30 am service is streamed online, with live interactive chat. It's worth it to join live, but you can also watch past service at your convenience here

You can download the order of service for all the services here.